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Nora's Cabin

In a cabin next to the ocean, a generous older woman who has played host to many guests for forty years greets yet one more guest with a problem who comes to realize through his hostess and two other house guests that the cabin is where both the living and dead are at home.

There is nothing but ocean out beyond us.
 We grasp the first thing coming.
- - - - - - - - - Jack Spicer)
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An old woman in her wheelchair
Her unhappy niece
A box of chocolates
A situation for Hitchcock

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Looking Glass Lake

Six characters in a bar, four can't leave. What holds them captive between
plate-glass windows and the bar mirror? 

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Ciao Bella

A Sicilian girl gets her prince by becoming three other women in Naples, Genoa, and Venice.

A comedy that ends with a recipe and a dance in its triple-happy ending.

We don't last long, nor do our wine glasses."