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Leave of Absence A comedy for serious people
Written and directed by JAMES KELLER


 With Martha Luehrmann, Sarah Meyeroff, Harold Pierce, and Ket Watters
At the Berkeley City Club 2315 Durant (1.5 blocks west of Telegraph)
January 28 — February 1, 2009

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Martha Luehrmann (Harriet), Sarah Meyeroff (Kate), Ket Watters (Hank), Harold Pierce (Tom)

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Harold Pierce (Tom), Martha Luehrmann (Harriet), Ket Watters (Hank), Sarah Meyeroff (Kate)

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Sarah Meyeroff (Kate) and Harold Peirce (Tom)

Directed by James Keller


Hank, mid-sixties

Harriet, mid-sixties

Tom, their son

Kate, their daughter-in-law
Ket Watters

Martha Luehrmann

Harold Pierce

Sarah Meyeroff
What happens to a family when the person that glues the family together fades into Alzheimer's?
A Short List

Suddenly thinking of you,
I remember that you told me
how you put a list of good things done
by your largely wayward father
into one of his coffin-coat pockets--
a short list, you added wryly.
Or then again, I see
in my mind's remembering eye
what I will never see for real,
the wind-swept early prairie grave
of your worn-out young mother.
That is what friendship means--
the sudden coming-here-now
of involuntary memories
that belong to those you love.

-- James Keller