A Blond Girl Somewhere in the Midwest
by James Keller
in memory of Jan Baltz


A blonde girl somewhere in the midwest
Where people keep their feelings to themselves
Goes to the public pool and does her best
To cool off and at the same time, has gone
To a lot of trouble to fix her face

because that handsome lifeguard’s on duty,
And though she knows she must keep her feelings
To herself, she takes the plunge and succeeds
In breaking the surface at his bare feet

Hoping that her bright, painted, smiling face
Will be noticed by the suntanned lifeguard;
But as she comes up face to face
With the object of her desire,

Noticing that her elaborate eye
Make-up is running down her eager face,
She swims away from the goodlooking guy,
Moves away, marries, and has children,

Gets divorced, lives under reading’s spell,
Loses her faith, finds another soul mate,
Nirvana replaces heaven and hell,
And although she died at seven last night,
For me, at least, she will always be

A blonde girl somewhere in the midwest
About to take the plunge.