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A comedy about a missing dog.
A comedy about a delayed dinner.
A comedy about an elderly teenager.
A comedy about the young at heart.
A comedy about domestic chaos.
(A comedy for/and contra Helvetica)
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MaryAnn Mackay (Aunt Zelda), Aron Cowen (Carter), Russ Henry (Agent Griffith), James Keller (Edward), John Guthrie (Arthur), Esther Beardsley (Tamara), Martha Luehrmann (Martha)

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Aron Cowen (Carter), James Keller (Edward),
Esther Beardsley (Tamara)

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Esther Beardsley (Tamara) and
Aron Cowen (Carter)

Directed by James Keller

Martha has invited a playwright to dinner who has cast her in his new play. Arthur is trying to work out a schedule for a European vacation. Deaf Aunt Zelda who came for a visit in 1984 and stayed, wants to direct an British farce as an attack on bourgeois complacency. Precocious Carter, Martha’s live-in teenage grandson has a crush on 20-something Tamara who may well be having a nervous breakdown. Daughter Joanna arrives without warning, but will she make it from the airport? A new guest, a musician, is arriving from Berlin. Mr. Jones, the frisky young dog has disappeared. Why is a FBI agent at the door? Will dinner be served in an hour? Can Martha rise above it all?


Martha, wife, mother, grandmother, actress, computer geek

Martha Luehrmann

Arthur, 70, a retired professor of mathematics

Brad Guthrie

Tamara, Martha's "adopted" daughter

Esther Beardsley

Carter, Martha and Arthur's teenage grandson

Aron Cowen

Edward, a playwright

James Keller

Aunt Zelda, Martha's half-deaf aunt

MaryAnn Mackay

Agent Griffith, an FBI agent

Russ Henry

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Esther Beardsley (Tamara) and
Aron Cowen (Carter)

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Brad Guthrie (Arthur) and
Martha Luehrmann (Martha)