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Directed by James Keller

In a senior centre, a group of retired women, Lavinia, a dance teacher, Claudia, a former opera singer, Charlotte, a retired music teacher and Fran who looked after husbands and suicidal sons, are angry at their classics teacher, for dying before them. He was twenty years younger. Fran says, "Something or somebody will turn up." She does. Iris, goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. In human guise, she is their age but does not look it. Having a profound knowledge of the Greek classics, Iris starts a class which brings new life and hope to the women. A senior malcontent, Orestes Clay holds the class hostage with a gun, but a tragedy is averted by Iris who gallantly gives credit to the incompetent office receptionist Liza who is patronized and threatened with dismissal by the senior center's assistant director. Iris invites "the girls" to a party who share just how much Iris has brought to each of them. They are served by a beautiful young woman. The guests wonder where Iris is. The young woman says, “I am here.” She explains that she is the goddess Iris who took their late teacher’s place, a gift for his devotion to the Classics. Now, she must leave; this is a farewell party. Iris reveals the tragedy that lies buried in the sad heart of Orestes Clay. The "girls" can have closure, but cannot avoid death. A goddess is a prisoner of immortality.